ask death
welcome to the land of the dead. i'm not sure why you're here but i guess i'll answer some of your questions.

{mainly an askblog but i can rp too if anyone's interested ^w^}

Y u so fab?

i was drawn that way


{sorry to interrupt again but here’s the deal. I got 8 messages to answer in my inbox right now, and while I was going to answer them in order in which they were sent I realized while I was brainstorming/writing out answers to all of them that some will take longer to do than others, so I decided that in order to be a little more active that I’m going to answer everything in the order of what’s easiest/fastest for me to do. Now I realize some of these messages are ~ 1-2 weeks old and I’m really sorry if I’m making you wait even longer but hopefully the answers will be well worth it!

Thanks so much for your patience!


Ps: new messages are also welcome but please be aware that they will only be answered after these first 8 are done.}

{welp, i thought there may have been a slim chance that i’d finish the answer to the pep asks before i left for a family trip but sadly i didn’t and for that i’m truly sorry. while i wont be able to work on stuff while im gone, when i get back i promise to kick things into overdrive and post the thing. uwu

thanks for your patience :D


{whoops! that last post was meant for my main blog o_o sorry!!! anyways…

dear pep but anons, it may take awhile for me to answer your asks since im planning to do something big and i just started doing digital art last friday so im still figuring things out, please be patient =w=;; 

also, thanks everyone, for all the support ;w; it means a lot! i hope you’re enjoying my blog!


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